Not only do we adhere to rigorous design and build standards, but we back our products with an iron-clad custom-satisfaction guarantee:

  • If, within two weeks after receiving your purchase, you are not fully satisfied, you may return the product and receive a full refund.*
  • We fully warranty our products for three years, from the time they are received.
  • You will have factory support via the internet or telephone with hook-up problems, or any questions regarding the achievement maximum performance.

To put it succinctly, we want you to be a satisfied customer and a raving fan…and will go to extreme lengths to create that result.

* You may return the product within two weeks of receipt for any reason. It must be in factory-new condition, with all shipped items included, and returned in the original box. Return of purchases made by credit card are subject to an 8% service fee. Ask for full details.


Our products are finely tuned instruments, and often feature a variety of setting options you might consider to maximize their performance. To do so, the entire system of which this component is a part is dependent upon the compatibility of each piece. Remember, your system is only as strong as the weakest component, and we are glad to recommend speakers, CD players, turntables, and even cables which will best match the capabilities of Liberty Audio components. We can provide advice on any technical adjustment, or even make the settings and calibrations ourselves (before we ship, or on return of product) for a small upcharge.